Any store, for that matter, is never exempted from common theft crimes, like shoplifting and even from crimes committed by some unscrupulous employees (unauthorized product discounts to their family members or friends) or organized crime. This is the main reason why a store or business establishment must install their own surveillance cameras. These types of cameras will not only reduce or deter theft crimes, but can also provide video evidences and a copy of the evidences for record purposes. Visit this link to read more about security labels.
In selecting an effective security system camera or CCTV systems, you need to consider the following qualities and features: day and night visibility, which means possessing a high definition video with a resolution of 720P or 1080P to capture an object clearly in complete darkness; an outdoor enclosure to monitor and video the activities outside the store; and, if possible, a vandal-proof feature to protect the camera from being damaged or physically abused by intruders.
The next step is where to properly mount the cameras so you get a good vantage view of any illegal or suspicious sighting. These are the recommended sites to consider: store’s entrance and exit areas (cameras can be mounted either directly above or near the entrance and exit points to monitor the flow of people coming in and out); cash register (cameras must be mounted above it so the monitoring team can easily see all money transaction activities going on); store floor (cameras should be strategically mounted into areas where there is less staff visibility); warehouse (cameras must be mounted at high beams or main ceilings to scrupulously monitor all kinds of activities happening in the warehouse, day and night); parking lot (cameras must be installed at a certain elevation where it can visibly record clearly the license plates of a parked car or a moving vehicle.
There have been many good and positive testimonials about the benefits of surveillance cameras that are installed inside and outside, and they are: investing on them and installing as many as needed in your store will actually reduce your payment on the store’s insurance value since there is less liability to weigh up; customers will feel safe when they see that the store is equipped with surveillance cameras; store management will have an easy time to conduct what is called customer analytics, which is counting the number of people coming into the store, as well as counting how many are lining up or loitering; crowd detection is easily checked to prevent any flash rob theft (raiding a store by a group of people); viewing and recording can be performed on the same network; and, if a video intelligence system is installed, its superior performance can offer high grade and clear imaging.

To read further, go to http://www.ehow.co.uk/info_8315951_types-tags-used-retail-shops.html.


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